BeyondMe is all about empowering future leaders to be generous, today.

Why we exist

By different parts of society working together, we will have a greater social impact.

With BeyondMe, professionals, businesses and charities join forces to help create a better society.

We believe the generosity of millennial professionals, like us, can drive this change. That’s why we motivate and mobilise these future leaders to form teams that give their time, skills and money to pressing social issues.

How it works

See BeyondMe in action.

Is BeyondMe right for you?

We’re a growing movement of generous professionals, leading businesses, and innovative charities, working together to make a meaningful impact on the world around us.

For Professionals

Are you hungry to make a difference? Well we’re providing you a way to team up with others to donate your skills and some money to a cause you’re passionate about. A combination that we believe will be meaningful to you and the charity you choose to support.

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For Charities

We love working with outstanding charities and social enterprises. We help you access the expertise you need by matching professionals and their resources to your projects. We’re also a great way for you to nurture relationships with these future leaders.

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For Businesses

BeyondMe complements your business' talent development and corporate responsibility initiatives. By offering BeyondMe to your staff, they can support challenging charity projects with their expertise and develop their professional skills in the process.

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Recent projects

Check out some of the amazing charity projects our teams are supporting.

Enabling Enterprise

Enabling Enterprise works to ensure school leavers have the skills, experiences and aspirations to succeed. They are working with a BeyondMe team to help with the development of the systems and processes required to capture, analyse and report on their impact.

Enabling Enterprise

Spark Inside

Spark Inside improves the prospects of young people leaving prison. They are working with a BeyondMe team on a full market sizing exercise. This will help the charity identify which prisons they should focus on to have the greatest impact with their life-coaching programme.

Spark Inside

Renewable World

Renewable World delivers clean energy, using renewable resources, to remote communities in the developing world. They are working with a BeyondMe team to develop a revolving loan for community micro loans within their Nepal programme, ensuring every community can afford a life-saving water pump.

Renewable World

Our partners

We partner with leading businesses and innovative charities. Some of our existing partners are below, and we’re always interested in meeting potential new partners to extend our impact.

  • Allen & Overy
  • Deloitte
  • Ernst & Young
  • Zapier
  • PWC
  • Restless Development
  • North London Cares
  • Into University
  • Fight For Peace
  • Teens And Toddlers

Our impact

By bringing professionals, businesses and charities to work together, we are helping create greater impact.

  • 1487

    Professionals engaged with BeyondMe

  • 305

    Charity projects currently supported by 242 teams from 18 businesses

  • 1291

    Skills currently being used to tackle charity projects

  • £353,263.00

    Donated to charities in the BeyondMe portfolio

  • 15,016

    Skilled-volunteer hours pledged to charity projects