BeyondMe for charities

BeyondMe exists to support charities and social enterprises like yours. We’re passionate about adding value to great charities and social enterprises by helping them form long-term partnerships with teams of motivated and talented professionals.

What it’s like working with a BeyondMe team?

“Working with a BeyondMe team of professionals has significantly supported our growth this year. Their skills, expertise and enthusiasm has moved us forward in key areas across the organisation. The team also helped raise funds to support our work.”

Tim Howarth, CEO, United World Schools

Baillie Aaron

Spark Inside

Robin Chu


Marianne Lingwood

Volunteering Matters

How will our charity benefit?

A ‘BeyondMe team’ is made up of 4‑7 professionals and a senior leader from their organisation.

Their highly valued skills, time and money will be at your disposal as you work closely together, for a year, on a strategic project you have developed that relates to your needs and goals.

BeyondMe teams have worked on projects relating to business modelling, strategic planning, data analysis, communications and economic research. 90% of our teams, currently, are from PwC, Deloitte and EY which have a diverse set of employees that can take on multiple challenges.

Each team member gives around 2-3 hours and £15-20 per month with the senior leader contributing around £1,000 in total. In total, a BeyondMe team provides around 170 hours of support and between £1,500 and £2,500.

How do we start working with a team?

To partner with a BeyondMe team of professionals, you first have to put together a project. The goal is to create a project that is relevant to our professionals skill sets, achievable within the year, impactful for your organisation and engaging for a team. See below for the 4 steps to creating a brilliant project.

  1. Register your interest and check eligibility

    Use the Typeform survey below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible (if you pass the eligibility criteria) to arrange an initial call.

  2. Have a 30min call with a member of our team

    This a pivotal part of the process and a great opportunity to ask key questions and share ideas.

  3. Brainstorm and refine your project ideas

    After the call, we’ll share all the resources you need to develop ideas and we’ll work with you to identify the best project to submit.

  4. Draft, then submit your project

    We’ll provide a template application form with tips and advice. Once you’re happy with the project, submit it on our platform by creating an account here.

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