We’ve tried to think of your key questions so hopefully you’ll find an answer here to anything that is still unclear…


How do I sign up?

Joining the BeyondMe movement couldn’t be easier. Visit this page dedicated to professionals to find out more.

Do we have to work with a charity on your portfolio?

We have a thorough process for selecting charities to join our portfolio and we work with them to design projects that are ready to be supported by a team of professionals. That’s why teams have to support a charity on BeyondMe’s portfolio.

But if there’s a charity that you think could benefit from the skills and money of BeyondMe teams, let us know the name and we’ll invite them to consider joining our portfolio in future.

Can I have more or less than seven people in a team?

The size of a BeyondMe team is fixed. From our experience in testing team sizes, we’ve found that the optimal team size for our model is seven professionals and one senior leader.

But if you have a colleague with a specialist skill that would be valuable for a part of the charity project or if you need extra hands for a charity event, please feel free to pull-in resources. However, the size of the core team is seven with the same professionals supporting their charity partner for the year.

What’s the role of a senior leader in the team?

A senior leader mentors the team founder and matches your team’s donation to the charity. We’d encourage you to think of them as your eighth team member. Invite them to key team events and the introductory meeting with the charity, and get their input on the project you will work on. With their professional experience, the senior leaders can provide strategic advice and support to your team, so use them wisely.

How do I donate and how much money can I give?

Donations couldn’t be simpler. We’ve built a payment platform on our website using Stripe. Once you’ve chosen a charity you want to work with, you’ll be able to set-up a monthly direct debit to that charity from our website. Stripe charges 2.7% on every transaction, but BeyondMe doesn’t take a cut. Your donations go directly to the charity.

You and your team members will agree a monthly donation you each want to make to your charity partner. The minimum monthly donation is £15/month each but we’d encourage you to give more if you can afford to.

How much time will the charity projects take?

We understand that you have busy jobs, client deadlines, social demands and much more. That’s why our charity projects are designed to suit your work and personal lifestyle. Our members give about two hours a month each, which amounts to on average team commitment of 140 hours of business skills to the charity over the year. But of course you can do more if you have the time.

What happens at the end of the 12-month partnership?

Great question. And one we want all of our professionals to think about. The options are:

  1. You can continue with your team for another year and support the same charity.
  2. You can start a new team - with the same or new colleagues - but support another charity.
  3. You can join another team.
Why is it a 12-month commitment? Can we change the length of time my team supports the charity?

Our experience has concluded that supporting a charity project for 12-months allows you to build a deep relationship with the charity, enables you to make a meaningful impact on the project and empowers you demonstrate your leadership skills. That’s why our model is fixed for BeyondMe teams to support charity projects for 12-months. We’ve also found that some teams love working with their charity and continue on after the 12-months.

Can I join if you don’t work with my business?

We believe that greater impact is created by different parts of society - professionals, businesses and charities - working together. That’s why we encourage businesses to offer BeyondMe to their staff. If your business is not currently a partner, tell them about BeyondMe. And tell us if you’d like to join BeyondMe, we’ll help you start a conversation with your business.

Can I create a team with friends outside work?

One day! Right now we work with businesses to grow the BeyondMe movement. You can create teams with friends at work. And BeyondMe is a great way to make new friends at work! Know someone who might love this? Introduce us to them.

What is BeyondMe Bootcamp?

BeyondMe’s Bootcamp is an awesome, inspiring Saturday where you get to meet others like you, who want to give meaningfully. We prepare you to lead a team, we explore causes with social sector leaders and we inspire you take social action. Check out the video to see Bootcamp in action.

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When is the next application deadline for charities?

We accept applications from charities and social enterprises on a rolling basis, launching new portfolio members in the Spring and Autumn. Join an on-boarding call to find out more details about deadlines and launch dates.

How can I find out if BeyondMe is right for my charity?

Awesome that you’re interested! If you’ve already reviewed this page for charities, please sign up to our next on-boarding call to hear directly from our Portfolio team. You’ll learn about why BeyondMe exists, how we work, how to apply and what successful charities should expect from us and from a BeyondMe team.

There’s also plenty of time for Q&A. Click here to join a call and learn more.

Is BeyondMe a fundraising opportunity?

Yes, and no. BeyondMe’s members make a monthly donation to their charity partner, which is then matched to 50-100% by a senior leader. The minimum monthly donation is £15/month and if you’re a charity you can claim Gift Aid on all these donations, which are unrestricted.

We say ‘no’ though, because far more value is gained from the c.150 skilled volunteer hours that you will benefit from during a 12-month partnership with a BeyondMe team.

Why does BeyondMe only work with charities that have two or more full-time staff?

We’ve learnt that BeyondMe teams require careful management to maximise results. Charities and social enterprises with fewer than 2 full time staff members tend not to have the capacity to manage this relationship. Please write to us if you think this doesn’t apply to your organisation.

How can my charity apply to BeyondMe?

Take a look at this page on our website, which is entirely devoted to informing charities and social enterprises about our work. Once you’ve had a read, be sure to join an on-boarding call where you can speak to our Portfolio team directly. If you’ve done that already, just submit an application

How do donations work with BeyondMe?

Charities and social enterprises on the BeyondMe portfolio are able to receive donations from their team. We use Stripe, an online payment processing tool, to deposit individual monthly donations in your charity’s account on the same day each month. Stripe charges 2.7% on all donations. BeyondMe does not take a cut.

Will it cost my charity anything to join BeyondMe?

No. Charities and social enterprises use our service entirely for free! Managing a BeyondMe team does take some time, in particular to bring the team up to speed on the charity’s work. Every partnership is different, so we can’t give exact numbers.

Crucially, you should only be submitting projects to BeyondMe that are part of a strategic plan. So the support of a team should be improving and speeding up an existing work stream, not adding entirely new ones. Ultimately, the team’s support should result in a net saving of time for your team...not to mention the positive results of your project.

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Is there a cost to offer BeyondMe in my business?

We partner with businesses to share the cost of creating greater social impact together. The costs of engaging with BeyondMe varies depending on the size of the package and commitment your business is interested in.

Our most successful partnerships are where there is collaboration and dialogue between BeyondMe and a business. We’re showing the potential of our shared ambition at businesses like Deloitte, EY and PwC. Talk to Anisha Patel to discuss the potential of our partnership.

Do teams have to donate money?

Our giving model is for teams to give time, skills and money to a charity they choose to partner with. We encourage members to donate what they can afford to give. And we know that donating money and skills is a valuable combination for charities.

How much time do individuals give to the project?

Our members give about two hours a month each. We understand that they have professional responsibilities, personal demands and much more, so our charity projects are designed to suit their lifestyle. But of course if they want to do more, they can.

Can company CSR days be used to support the charity project?

Different companies have different CSR policies. We would certainly encourage Beyondme members to use their volunteer days if they can to support their charity project. However, our projects are ongoing rather than one day volunteering opportunities. Therefore, we’d advise teams to augment their volunteering using their CSR days.

How does BeyondMe work with our existing charity partners?

It’s possible that your charity partners are already on our portfolio. If not, we’d welcome introductions.

BeyondMe can complement your existing CSR commitments. We can be another way to deepen staff engagement with your charity partners.

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Other questions

How is BeyondMe funded?

BeyondMe is a registered charity with a social enterprise trading arm. We are funded by a combination of grant funding and corporate partnerships. Our ambition is to be financially sustainable through establishing corporate partnerships.

Which businesses does BeyondMe work with?

BeyondMe works with businesses of all sizes who want to play a role in cultivating greater generosity.

We’re proud that Allen & Overy, Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC are partnered with us to offer BeyondMe to their staff.

If you’re a business who likes the sound of BeyondMe, contact Anisha Patel to talk about how it could work within your organisation.

How do I recommend a charity to BeyondMe?

We’d love to work with more charities and social enterprises. If there’s a charity you’re passionate about and think could benefit from the time, skills and money of BeyondMe professionals, please share the charity name and a contact and we’ll invite them to consider joining our portfolio.

Can I write a blog for BeyondMe?

We welcome blogs written from our movement. If you want to share your BeyondMe experience or have a story that will be of interest to our followers, contact us. We'll let you know if your idea works and will share tips on writing a top blog.

And make sure you follow our blog on Medium!

Are BeyondMe staff and members available to speak at events?

Indeed we are! We want to inspire more people to be generous and would love the opportunity to share our story and much more at your events. Please contact us if you need inspiring, millennial speakers!

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