Our first five years of making an impact

Our inaugural impact report reviews how BeyondMe is reshaping the way people, businesses and charities connect to make a greater difference. Charities and social enterprises in our portfolio are better equipped to serve their beneficiaries with a reliable flow of the talent, energy and resources professionals are eager to give.

To date, over 1,500 business professionals have volunteered their skills and leveraged their networks to learn and lead beyond the workplace. Empowering professionals to decide which charity and cause to support and encouraging them to give and volunteer as a team has produced significant behavioural shifts towards giving among BeyondMe members.

We’re only at the beginning of what we know is possible.

Impact in numbers

  • £262,417 worth of skilled hours have been volunteered and pledged by BeyondMe teams

  • 92% of BeyondMe’s charity portfolio stated they were trying or going to try to continue working with their BeyondMe team for a second year

  • 84% of professionals said they learned more about the charity sector through BeyondMe

  • 93% of BeyondMe’s charity portfolio said the standard the project objectives were completed by their BeyondMe team was good or excellent

  • 75% of professionals gave more due to being part of the decision-making process about which cause their team will support

Impact Report, 2011 — 2016

Read about our development, impact and testimony from the BeyondMe movement’s Co-founders, Chief Executive, partners and beneficiaries.

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Our Charity Portfolio

Adding Capacity

Charities and their missions are at the heart of the BeyondMe movement. In the UK there is an overwhelming demand from charities, particularly organisations with less than £1.5 million turnover, for skilled-volunteers that add capacity and skills in the areas of strategy, analytics and growth planning. BeyondMe meets these needs by providing reliable access to the talent, energy and resources of professionals eager to give.

In the last two years we have built a portfolio of outstanding charities and social enterprises representing a multitude of social causes and serving the needs of local and international beneficiaries.

The model is working

of charities said their BeyondMe team's project objectives were completed to a good or excellent standard.
of charities said their BeyondMe team added capacity to their organisation
of charities who've completed a partnership would likely recommend BeyondMe to businesses and other charities

Case Study: A Trees for Cities Project


The BeyondMe team analysed the business model for our Edible Playgrounds programme, helping us identify the most deprived cities to target, how best to scale-up our regional delivery, and how to capture the impact of our work.


The BeyondMe team produced recommendations for how we expand Edible Playgrounds to new regions and an Impact Pathway Framework to communicate more effectively with our funders.


Edible Playgrounds can now be found in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and Reading, bringing the curriculum to life through hands-on outdoor learning alongside increasing knowledge of where food comes from to over 7,000 children a year.

Read more about completed projects and those currently seeking a BeyondMe team.

Our Business Professionals

EY logo
EY logo
Elizabeth Oxborrow Consultant, EY

Elizabeth’s first experience with BeyondMe was in a team working with Child of Hope Uganda. She felt she benefited immensely from the experience and after one year on a BeyondMe team, Elizabeth wanted to enable more of her peers to experience BeyondMe. She was selected in a 12-month volunteer role to champion BeyondMe within EY. She has led a team of volunteers and, working with BeyondMe management, devised and executed a strategy to grow the BeyondMe movement within the firm.

With her team of volunteers, Elizabeth organised speaker events to recruit colleagues to BeyondMe, hosted networking breakfasts with other firms to enable peers to connect, facilitated mentoring between current and new BeyondMe members to share learnings, and produced engaging content to inspire colleagues to social action. Under Elizabeth’s leadership, BeyondMe has trebled the number of BeyondMe teams at EY and the firm’s community now comprises over 175 professionals.

Inspiring Generous Leadership

We enable ambitious professionals to come together in BeyondMe teams and work on some of the toughest problems in society. By collaborating on a charity project, team members also develop their professional and leadership skills, and broaden their networks.

Empowering professionals to decide which charity and cause to support, enabling their short-listed charities to pitch to them, and encouraging professionals to give and volunteer as a team has produced significant behavioural shifts towards giving among BeyondMe members. These core elements of BeyondMe’s approach caused professionals in our movement to increase their giving to the social sector.

Professionals who... One2011-14 Two2011-14 Three2011-14
Increased the amount of money they give due to participation in BeyondMe 84% 95% 100%
Increased the amount of time they volunteer each year due to BeyondMe 95% 78% 89%
Developed professional or leadership skills due to BeyondMe 66% 81% 78%

Read more about starting a BeyondMe team in your business or social group

BeyondMe is a growing movement

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