BeyondMe for professionals

BeyondMe exists to give passionate professionals a way to make an impact on causes they care about.

Through BeyondMe, groups of professionals take on a challenge that will move the dial on social issue they choose. BeyondMe teams work on a specific project with a charity or social enterprise, alongside their day jobs.

What’s doing BeyondMe like?

“This project has given us the chance to do something that inspires us and make a positive impact beyond the realms of our day jobs.”
Kasim Vardalia, Consultant, EY
“Managing a BeyondMe team provided me a valuable opportunity to take on a large level of responsibility and leadership at an early stage in my career.”
Nora El-Muttardi, Consultant, Deloitte

What’s possible with BeyondMe

Hear it from a charity

Hear it from a professional

What impact can you have?

Through BeyondMe, you’ll team up with a group of colleagues to work on a critical social issue. You’ll partner with a charity or social enterprise, delivering a strategic project over 12 months.

You’ll each give around 2-4 hours a month and donate £15/month, all of which go straight to your cause. You’ll also seek out a senior leader from your firm, who will mentor and match fund your team’s donations.

You’ll have the chance to:

  • Challenge yourself to make a difference
  • Develop your professional and leadership skills
  • Build close relationships with charity CEOs
“I have had the opportunity to meet 25 driven graduates who I may never have met. My network is wider and so is theirs – and all due to the common cause of supporting a charity we chose together”.
Andy Moore, Partner at PwC

How do I get started?

  1. Register your interest below

    We’d love to answer your questions, find out about your passions and share how it works.

  2. Come to Beyondme Bootcamp!

    BeyondMe Bootcamp is an inspiration-filled, knowledge-packed evening - the best place to begin!

  3. Start choosing your charity

    Once you’ve either spoken to us or been to BeyondMe Bootcamp, you’ll start exploring our charity projects.

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