“BeyondMe inspires me to give my skills and money to a cause I care about. It’s an amazing opportunity to lead a team and expand my professional network.”

Elizabeth Oxborrow, Consultant, EY

Lead generously today

We know you're hungry to make a difference. Join a growing movement of like-minded professionals working to make real social impact.

The social sector needs you!

BeyondMe provides a way for you to donate your time, skills and money to outstanding charities and social enterprises.

We believe in making a difference by pledging a long-term commitment to the social sector, acting generously and using the skills and resources at our disposal, now.

By sharing your passion for good causes, collaborating with others and gaining first hand experience of the challenges facing frontline services, we all have a part to play to strengthen social sector organisations and tackle some of society's toughest social and environmental problems.

Multiply your effort, maximise your impact

  • Engage with social and environmental causes you are passionate about
  • Connect with like-minded people in your business or social group
  • Give effectively all year, not just in ad hoc volunteering days
  • Develop close, long-term relationships with the senior staff of high-impact charities
  • See the benefits of your contribution over time

Professionals across the country are coming together to form BeyondMe teams. These purpose-driven working groups volunteer their time and deploy their collective skills to complete a year-long project to benefit local, national and international charities on our portfolio.

Stepping up to the plate for your chosen cause and charity is easy in BeyondMe. Combine the resources of your network and use your knowledge effectively to make an impact on charities, social enterprises and the people who benefit from their work.

In the process you'll join a growing movement of 1,500+ professionals making a real difference and developing their leadership and decision-making skills.

Be part of a BeyondMe Team

BeyondMe teams include seven professionals and one senior advisor who join together to donate their time, skills and money to a charity project they choose for one year.

Get involved in a BeyondMe team by cohering and leading one as its ‘founder’ or by joining a BeyondMe team as a ‘member’.

Your first steps to better giving
  1. Pledge your support for charities, and attend a BeyondMe Bootcamp or join a Taster Call for professionals
  2. Gather colleagues or friends, whose skills and enthusiasm will help you make an impact for your chosen cause. Use our digital platform which makes it easy to motivate friends
  3. Select a project to support and connect with your chosen charity
  4. Start giving your time, skills and money to support high-impact charities

Take the pledge

This pledge is my commitment to supporting charities and social enterprises with time and skills, as well as money, I have to give.

Our next BeyondMe Bootcamp — Edinburgh on 2 June and London on 24 June.

Learn more about challenges facing the social sector

The BeyondMe experience starts at 'Bootcamp', a thought-provoking, knowledge-packed and pizza-fuelled event for professionals and charities interested in learning about the causes, projects and beneficiaries served by the commitment of our community.

The day is designed to shake up your understanding of the social sector, philanthropy and leadership - but most importantly, show you what's possible when you decide to step up and tackle a social issue.

Never fear, join a BeyondMe Taster Call

Can't join us for our next BeyondMe Bootcamp, but eager to start giving better today? Join our regular taster call webinars for professional looking to get going by giving better, today.

With knowledge, comes action

Because giving is a social experience, BeyondMe teams are the bedrock of our community.

If you’ve pledged your support and gained inspiration from our Bootcamp or Taster calls, it’s time to act! Over the years we’ve developed a tried and tested action plan to help your friends and colleagues get involved with a cause you can share.