Sasha Watson

Deloitte - Operations Consulting Analyst

With a background in charity work and market research, I'm keen to be involved in something that drives social change. I have a particular interest in social mobility and education, having lobbied on and working with Higher Education issues for 3 years, but also in people development and training.
Sasha's current project

21 Trust

The state of speaking in schools across the world

Voice 21 is a charity dedicated to promoting the value of oracy in education. The capacity to communicate clearly, the ability to articulate your thoughts and ideas eloquently, and the confidence to speak in a wide range of contexts are fundamental to success in life and work, yet too many young people are not taught the skills and knowledge they need to thrive as confident speakers. Voice 21 aims to change this and we’re looking for your support. Join our team to support our research into best practice in oracy teaching and learning internationally.

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