Violeta Argyropoulou

Accenture - Management Consultant

My names is Violeta and I work as a Management Consultant for Accenture London. My past experience involves working in the heart of the UK wholesale electricity market, leading the delivery of high quality analysis to clients, identifying and reporting market anomalies, and assisting clients in operational and financial issues. Within Accenture I have worked on customer services improvement, digital strategy implementation and business process improvement programs for big Utilities. I am recognized for my strong delivery, planning, communication and people management skills. I graduated from National Technical University of Athens in 2012 with a diploma on Electrical and Computer Engineering. During my time at Imperial College London I became familiar with all aspects of sustainability in the energy sector. My research project evolved around Demand Side Response (DSR) for retail customers, comparison of DSR business models against other energy efficiency initiatives, and the implications and benefits of such schemes to big UK retailers.