We’ve attracted an amazing portfolio of innovative, ambitious charities serving different causes.
These charities are looking for the skills of professionals and some funding to tackle their projects.

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Renewable World

Renewable World's Awesome Autumn Campaign

Renewable World tackles poverty through renewable energy. Every June we hold a fantastic cycle challenge that raises around £80,000 for our work in Nepal and Kenya. Now we want a similarly Awesome Autumn Campaign that will help us raise funds and/or building visibility, understanding and engagement for our work.

The Impacteers
Areas of interest
Health & Wellbeing
Prevention and relief of poverty
Issues affecting women
Environment & Sustainability

Right to Succeed

Collective Impact - Leveraging our partnerships to address youth inequity in the UK

Right to Succeed envision a world in which a young person’s life chances are not determined by background. Our mission is to work in local partnership to deliver collective solutions to the inequities facing children and young people in the UK. We do this by following a social lab process to help local leaders develop, pilot, sustain and grow research-informed interventions that help create the conditions in which young people facing inequity can thrive. We are looking for a BeyondMe team who is excited to support us in making the most of our delivery partners, supporting partners (pro-bono and funders) and policy partners.

Partnership Impact - Deloitte and Right to Succeed
Areas of interest


Reprieve's Digital Revolution

A year and a half ago Reprieve invested heavily into upscaling our digital presence, resulting in us growing our supporter database from a few thousand to almost 80,000. Having maximised the impact of this funding, we are once again seeking to revolutionise our use of technology to grow our supporter base. We are looking for help improving and maximising our utilisation of current digital technologies, whilst identifying and implementing new strategies for growth.

Pilot Team
Areas of interest
Human Rights
Rule of Law
Abuses in Counter-Terrorism
Death Penalty