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Speakers Trust

Speak and Be Heard

Speakers Trust has trained over 300,000 people to speak and be heard, with the benefits of confident communication extending across all areas of beneficiaries' lives, from home and school to work and the wider economy. This project will amplify the voice of Speakers Trust, raising the charity's profile among the regional and national media to grow support and ensure that as many young people as possible can benefit from our training.

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Employability & Skills


Cybersecurity Audit & Monitoring Reprieve’s Communications Impact

At Reprieve we like to think of ourselves as a small, feisty organisation of human rights defenders who speak truth to power. We are determined to create a world where no one has to face the death penalty, and where no one experiences extreme human rights abuses as a result of counter-terrorism practices that violate international law. The highly sensitive issues that Reprieve works on mean that we are a target for cyberattacks – and the impact of such an attack could mean life or death for one of our clients. We would love a BeyondMe Team to help us to audit Reprieve’s cybersecurity readiness, develop recommendations and work with us to make Reprieve as secure as it can be. Reprieve captures the zeitgeist, changing the debate and changing peoples’ minds about the death penalty and abuses committed in the context of the ‘War on Terror’. To do this Reprieve works extensively with the media. In 2016, for instance, we placed more than 600 articles in local, national and international press. We would also love a BeyondMe Team to help us design an improved system for monitoring and recording Reprieve’s media impact. Through these projects you will help to make Reprieve more secure, and more effective, and by extension better able to help our clients - some of the most disenfranchised and demonized people in the world.

Beyond Cyber
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Human Rights
Rule of Law
Abuses in Counter-Terrorism
Death Penalty