We’ve attracted an amazing portfolio of innovative, ambitious charities serving different causes.
These charities are looking for the skills of professionals and some funding to tackle their projects.

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16 active projects

The Orchard Project

Helping orchards to thrive, with a diverse income strategy

The Orchard Project have developed a highly successful model for planting community orchards across the UK through accessing grant funding for our charity. We would now like to sell our services to local authorities and others such as developers and landscape architects, in order to bring in earned income, and we need a strategy to do so that helps us to highlight the opportunities and best approach.

Areas of interest
Environment & Sustainability

Renewable World

Togetherband Campaign

Renewable World has been chosen (subject to due diligence) by the #togetherband campaign as the recipient for comms and funds from its Global Goal 7 - access to energy for all - campaign. Building on the success of our last BeyondMe team, we want to ensure that we have a team that can help us maximise the benefit of this tremendous campaign.

Areas of interest
Health & Wellbeing
Prevention and relief of poverty
Issues affecting women
Environment & Sustainability


FrontlineAid in war and conflict zones and... get rid of Red Tape in the development sector (localising aid)

Helping Grassroots Initiatives to do what they good at - not putting them in front of computers! Only less than 2% of international aid goes to local organisations. In the aid sector, each organization is competing with each other – for money, for visibility, for paying their employees’ salaries. Local initiatives are struggling to survive, worn down by bureaucracy.

Areas of interest
Arts & Culture
Mental health and disability services

Minority Rights Group

Minority Voice Newsroom: No Voice Left Behind!

We link marginalised communities and journalists through a web portal - This allows people to tell their own stories and upload audio, video and text which journalists can search and use in reporting. The portal is now outdated and will soon stop functioning. We need a rebuild to enable these voices to continue to be heard.

Areas of interest
Minority rights