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Leap Confronting Conflict

Leap Confronting Conflict: Exploring New Markets

Leap Confronting Conflict is an award-winning national youth charity that provides inspirational conflict management training and support to young people and the professionals working with them. We are a passionate team whose focus is on creating a positive impact on young people’s lives. We believe young people can use the tools we give them to shift their thinking and behaviour in a conflict situation, and transform their lives.

Right to Succeed

Collective Impact - Leveraging our partnerships to address youth inequity in the UK

Right to Succeed envision a world in which a young person’s life chances are not determined by background. Our mission is to work in local partnership to deliver collective solutions to the inequities facing children and young people in the UK. We do this by following a social lab process to help local leaders develop, pilot, sustain and grow research-informed interventions that help create the conditions in which young people facing inequity can thrive. We are looking for a BeyondMe team who is excited to support us in making the most of our delivery partners, supporting partners (pro-bono and funders) and policy partners.

Areas of interest
Prevention and relief of poverty

The Hunger Project UK

Step It Up Together with Rural Women to End Hunger and Poverty - The Unleashed Women Movement

Inspired by the Dalai Lama quote "The World Will Be Saved By the Western Woman", our vision for the ‘Unleashed Women Campaign’ is to bring women together to end hunger and poverty. Unleashed Women is an international platform for women to show their solidarity with women and girls in some of the poorest villages of the world. United, they bring together their skills, talents and determination to end hunger.

Areas of interest
Prevention and relief of poverty
Issues affecting women