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These charities are looking for the skills of professionals and some funding to tackle their projects.

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20 active projects

International Alert

Making the Case for Peace

It’s well known that prevention is better than the cure, but for conflict, this fact is too often ignored, with attention only paid to conflicts after they have escalated. Governments spend $1.72 trillion (USD) on military expenditure each year, while only $10 billion is spent on peacebuilding. We want to shift the focus to a preventative approach to conflict. To do this, International Alert are looking into how we can engage politicians and their constituents through campaigning, to change government policy and spending on conflict.

Areas of interest
Prevention and relief of poverty
Issues affecting women
Environment & Sustainability
Conflict prevention
Conflict sensitivity
Countering violent extremism
Training and learning
Economic empowerment
State-citizen relations
Economic development for peace

21 Trust

The state of speaking in schools across the world

Voice 21 is a charity dedicated to promoting the value of oracy in education. The capacity to communicate clearly, the ability to articulate your thoughts and ideas eloquently, and the confidence to speak in a wide range of contexts are fundamental to success in life and work, yet too many young people are not taught the skills and knowledge they need to thrive as confident speakers. Voice 21 aims to change this and we’re looking for your support. Join our team to support our research into best practice in oracy teaching and learning internationally.

Areas of interest

Volunteering Matters

Employee Volunteering - fit for the future

We know the difference employee volunteering makes to communities and organisations across the UK. Now is your chance help Volunteering Matters, the leading volunteering charity, to develop a new business model for our employee volunteering programme. Enabling us to diversify and expand our offer, making it fit for future demand. This is an opportunity to ensure that more communities and organisations have access to valuable and enthusiastic employee volunteers, helping them achieve their goals and to fulfil their missions.

Areas of interest
Employability & Skills
Health & Wellbeing
Children & Young People
Community relations