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Help Economy turn economics from something boring to something beautiful!

Economy is a charity working to improve public understanding of economics for the sake of democracy and people’s personal financial health. We need help changing economics from something most people find a boring and confusing into something they find interesting and useful.

Areas of interest
Skills required
Social Media
Strategy Development
Branding & Identity
Social Media Marketing
Content marketing
• Social media skills
Brand Awareness
Budget Setting
Market Research

The Eleanor Rose Foundation

Ellie's Army - developing a cancer charity volunteer force. was launched at the end of 2014. We won two awards in 2016 and the judges saw the opportunity to 'scale up' the initiative, supporting more adults living with cancer in the UK. We are looking to manage, retain and grow the fledgling "Ellie's Army" volunteer force in order to source more products and services for the website, and to tell adults living with cancer about our service. We need to analyse the volunteer sector, consider how to maximise value from existing users, develop a retention and engagement strategy and draft training and promotional materials.

Areas of interest
Health & Wellbeing
Prevention and relief of poverty
Skills required
Volunteer Management
Team Building
team motivation
charity volunteer leadership
Volunteer Recruiting
Content Development
Volunteer Training
People Training
Content Strategy
Content marketing
Training design
Recruitment Advertising
Strategic Planning
Volunteer Coordination
Non-profit Volunteer


Help youth working with refugees, in conflict zones

We use sport and play to help child refugees deal with traumas brought about by war. We have piloted a coaching programme boosting the skills of local trainers working with refugees. Can you help us analyse the programme and generate solutions/best practice to working remotely, data collection, and sustainability?

Areas of interest
Arts & Culture
Mental health and disability services
Skills required
Risk Management
Creative Strategy
Business Process Mapping
Communication Skills

Foundation for Change

The NEXT Project

The NEXT Project is a two-stage programme for people approaching the end of their treatment for alcohol/drug misuse that provides the bridge between ending treatment and integrating into society. Our aim is for NEXT to be a part of the treatment landscape and statutory funded within three years. For this, we would very much welcome your input into our business planning process to provide a clear structure and your partnership and expertise in project management to ensure we maintain our focus and achieve our goal.

Areas of interest
Health & Wellbeing
Substance Misuse
Skills required
Persuasion Skills
Strategic Communications
Financial Modeling
Goal Oriented
Project Management
Data Analysis
Problem Solving
Report Writing
Policy Analysis
Business Planning
strategy analysis
Strategic Planning
Communication Skills
Critical Thinking
Project Planning

Cancer Research UK

Maximising CRUK’s political impact though volunteering

Cancer Research UK Campaign Ambassadors are dedicated volunteers who help spread our policy messages to decision makers and within their communities. They’ve helped us achieve high impact legislative changes, such as increased investment in radiotherapy and diagnostic tests, and the introduction of standardised cigarette packaging. Our ambition is to maximise Cancer Campaign Ambassadors’ political impact, deepen their engagement and increase their likelihood to support Cancer Research UK more widely. In order to do this we’d like to work alongside a panel of agile strategists who could lead and advise on gaining insight into current Ambassadors (to target future recruitment) and develop the current volunteer journey.

Areas of interest
Health & Wellbeing
Skills required
project evaluation
Data Analysis
Report Writing
field Research
Qualitative Research
Team modelling & business planning
Mentoring & upskilling the team
Developing multi-segmentation approaches
Statistical Modeling
Benchmarking research
Predictive modelling
Customer Insight
impact measurement
Strategic insight & writing
Impact Evaluation


A Sustainability and Development Project to Scale our Social Impact

MAC-UK’s vision is to transform access to and provision of mental health services. Help us to support the development of co-produced and psychologically-informed services for excluded young people in new settings through partnership.

Areas of interest
Employability & Skills
Health & Wellbeing
Mental health and disability services
Environment & Sustainability
Skills required
Agile Project Management
Service Design
Financial Modeling
Report Writing
Interviewing Skills
Business Planning
User-centered Design
Market Research