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FrontlineAid in war and conflict zones and... get rid of Red Tape in the development sector (localising aid)

Helping Grassroots Initiatives to do what they good at - not putting them in front of computers! Only less than 2% of international aid goes to local organisations. In the aid sector, each organization is competing with each other – for money, for visibility, for paying their employees’ salaries. Local initiatives are struggling to survive, worn down by bureaucracy.

Areas of interest
Arts & Culture
Mental health and disability services

Speakers Trust

Speak and Be Heard

Speakers Trust has trained over 300,000 people to speak and be heard, with the benefits of confident communication extending across all areas of beneficiaries' lives, from home and school to work and the wider economy. This project will amplify the voice of Speakers Trust, raising the charity's profile among the regional and national media to grow support and ensure that as many young people as possible can benefit from our training.

Areas of interest
Employability & Skills

21 Trust

The state of speaking in schools across the world

Voice 21 is a charity dedicated to promoting the value of oracy in education. The capacity to communicate clearly, the ability to articulate your thoughts and ideas eloquently, and the confidence to speak in a wide range of contexts are fundamental to success in life and work, yet too many young people are not taught the skills and knowledge they need to thrive as confident speakers. Voice 21 aims to change this and we’re looking for your support. Join our team to support our research into best practice in oracy teaching and learning internationally.

Team Green
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