Praxis is a vibrant human rights charity supporting migrants at risk through vital services. Join us to develop our interpreting service and generate funding to support our services.


Our purpose is to provide practical, legal and emotional support for migrants in crisis or at- risk, ensuring that their essential human needs are met and that they are able to overcome the barriers they face. We build community, challenge exclusion and discrimination, influence policy, improve services and inspire solidarity with migrants.

Last year, Praxis helped more than 1500 migrants at risk to overcome barriers and thrive in the UK. Many of these were vulnerable mothers and children, young people desperate to make their voice heard, destitute migrants and Windrush generation people, all desperate to access justice and regularise their immigration status.


Our services are always bursting with demand. There are so many people we want to help but our resources are scarce. Praxis services have been born from the need to support migrants at risk, and our interpreting service came to life providing an empathetic voice to those migrants unable to express themselves in critical circumstances.

Last year, our interpreting service, formed by a coordinator, 4 dedicated interpreters and a pool of 30 freelancers helped 10,423 people in meeting their health needs through one-to-one interpreting in 22 languages.


There is a great potential to develop our interpreting service integrating new technologies and reaching different settings. With the right model, not only will this service develop and thrive but it could also become a source of income to support our vital services to so many people.

We need a team of enthusiastic professionals with marketing, analytical and service development skills to support with:

1) Reviewing our existing service and identifying sustainable models for the service to develop. This would involve scoping out commercial markets, Local Authority contracts, healthcare and charity sectors, as well as other commercial opportunities.

2) Developing different options into viable business proposals.

3) Presenting an implementation plan for the most viable model, including recommendations for digital/software investment and other resources required.