Sexplain brings sex and relationships education into the 21st century. We provide inclusive workshops on porn, anatomy, consent and healthy relationships through an intersectional feminist, non binary, sex positive perspective.


Sexism and sexual violence has become normalised in all spheres, from Hollywood to UK classrooms

In September 2016 a Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools revealed that 59% girls and young women aged 13-21 said in 2014 that they had faced some form of sexual harassment at school or college in the past year.

This is less surprising when we learn that more than 4 in ten young people had not learnt about how to tell when a relationship is healthy (46%) or abusive (44%).


Sexplain provides in-school workshops on anatomy, porn, contraception, consent, healthy relationships and rape culture. This is done from an intersectional, feminist, non-binary, sex positive perspective. We believe that every young person in the UK should have access to a complete, inclusive and comprehensive relationships and sex education (RSE).

Our content is based on the latest RSE research, and is informed by expert input, including academics and health professionals, as well as our primary beneficiaries: young people and school staff. Our curriculum is comprehensive, incremental and age-appropriate; our programme is based on a human rights approach; our teaching is inclusive of all.

In the last academic year, we worked with around 3,000 young people! We have received significant positive feedback from staff and students, and further opportunities for collaboration.



We would like to research behaviours, attitudes and knowledge on sex and relationships… but in adults! This project aims to explore the feasibility or desire for sex & relationship workshops for adults. As well as the general need for these workshops, what should the information on adult sex education cover? We would like to explore if the content could include consent, anatomy, contraception, porn and digital culture, healthy relationships, mental health.

The project will use focus groups, questionnaires and other data collection methods to explore the need for adult sex education and the shape this would take. The project would map a plan to reach a wide range of people - ages backgrounds etc. The would include ways to reach people too, such as via social media, work, direct approach etc. The second part of the project would involve designing programmes and workshops!


We have had reports from adults about the lack of knowledge in anatomy, consent and contraception.

Addressing these taboos or misconceptions and negative attitudes can begin to change attitudes and behaviours. But also address potential concerns over sex education for young people. This is particularly important once mandatory sex education is rolled out in schools across the UK.


We need to map out the current gaps in services available to young people, particularly in relation to health services. Due to further government cuts, the services available to young people has deteriorated. For example, many school nurses are no long school-based and offer limited services from a central hub.

This project will work with current services across the UK to identify what is available to young people. The data will map out provision across the UK, provided by the NHS, charities or other services.

Why? The data will enable us to examine the current gaps and how they can be filled to provide more support for young people. We hope to work with other organisations, even the NHS, to develop services/ collaboration that address limitations in services offered to young people.

Funding for these projects could cover costs of facilitators, resources, marketing and even internships.