Unlocked Graduates aims to reduce reoffending and the economic burden it places on society. We want to assess the economic impact of investing in our participants as prison officers.

We want to determine the economic and social costs of crime and evaluate the impact of the Unlocked Graduates programme to determine a breakeven or positive benefit analysis.

Prison has a poor record of reducing re-offending – it is estimated that re-offending costs the UK £15 billion each year. The impact of this on a human level is even more damning – 46 percent of adult prisoners reoffend within 12 months of being released, and for those serving sentences of less than 12 months this increases to 60 percent. The average prisoner has 16 previous convictions.

Unlocked Graduates is a leadership development programme that aims to reduce reoffending rates by persuading exceptional graduates to join our leadership scheme and work as a frontline prison officer for two years.

As a relatively new organisation recording our impact is essential to help us secure long term funding. We particularly need to establish what data will be needed for effective long-term evaluation. We need your help to create an economic impact measurement plan for us to implement including the indicators and datasets to record. The ultimate measure of success – reduced reoffending – is challenging to measure and may only be available after multiple years. We are therefore interested in identifying and recording effective interim impact measurements that can be predictors of desistance, from access to education to reduction of violence.

This task will provide us with a roadmap to demonstrating our return on investment. By being able to prove we are saving the prison service money we can show the effectiveness of the programme, and attract further investment.

Your support will make this work possible, enabling us to undertake innovative projects that will create real change in prisons across the county.