Arukah Network mobilises localised collaborative networks, called 'Clusters', in Africa and Asia. Clusters amplify health, wellbeing and happiness. Work with us as we scale up our model and income generation.

Last year, we worked with a fantastic team through the BeyondMe scheme. We are now looking to build on what they started with us, with the aim of improving our organisational health, and increasing our reach.

At its worst, ‘International Development’ can involve outsiders naming a community's problems and deficiencies, and then trying to solve them for a time - while the money and interest is there - before departing. This is unsustainable. It defines local people as incapable, it diminishes their prior achievements, and it discourages their future initiative.

Arukah Network works differently. We facilitate change-makers in specific locations to get together into ‘Clusters’, where they create relationship, identify and share strengths and skills, identify shared challenges, and together work to overcome them. Where a skill or knowledge is missing, we fill gaps by connecting a Cluster to training or coaching. You can read more in our ‘manifesto’, here:

With our last BeyondMe team, we worked on three strands: 1) sustainable income generation, 2) model standardisation, and 3) creating a leadership development programme. We are looking to build on this, specifically through:

a) developing and taking core training products ‘to market’ (this will generate income, to improve our sustainability). These are products that we will provide to our Clusters for free. The products we are creating are based on feedback from individuals and organisations within our Clusters -- it is felt that they will add most value to their work (these will also complement more specific health and wellbeing trainings that we offer).

b) continuing and building our fundraising pipeline.

c) supporting us as we create and roll out our impact assessment work.

We are a very small team, and we rely on our wonderful network of Cluster Mobilisers and volunteers. Join us as we collaboratively create a new way of thinking about international development.