Helping Groundwork put a corporate stamp on the commonwealth games.


The Commonwealth 2022 is taking place in Birmingham and currently there are no clear projects or incentives that have been implemented within the Corporate world in Birmingham. The team at PwC will therefore endeavor to support Groundwork to make a corporate stamp on Commonwealth 2022 through an action based project that will be first planned and put in place in PwC Birmingham which, Groundwork can then take Birmingham-wide.


Groundwork began as a simple idea: if communities help the environment, the environment will help communities. This is still our approach today. By bringing people and the environment together with practical local action, we have an impact that is greater than the sum of its parts.


We hope to get the Corporate world more actively involved in projects, rather than just contributing financially, by involving and engaging the staff in our own office. In the future, we hope to make a wider impact outside of our own office, and enable Groundwork to spread the project created together to the wider Corporate bodies. We hope that we will make a strong impact on engaging numerous businesses in getting active in the Commonwealth 2022 Birmingham games which will promote the build up to the one off worldwide event.

Our plan is to organise a Birmingham office goal of walking the distance from the location of the Commonwealth Games 2018 (Gold Coast) to Birmingham. Everyone in the office has an iPhone which can track the distance covered each day. We will get people in their PwC groups (ie consulting/audit) to walk the distance and track the distance of 16,605km. Our aim will be then to get to the £3,000 goal will be to have ‘breaks’ along the way in order to raise the money to reach the targets in new and inventive ways by reaching different countries along the way.

The idea of this project will get people active and more involved as a community in their groups, bring in the competitive spirit and as we come closer to Commonwealth 2022, we will bring in similar campaigns which Groundwork can then use to implement in similar Corporate companies (possibly even getting others involved).