OxFizz exists to bridge gaps in the UK’s education system, ensuring all students have fair access to top universities. We're looking for project teams to help drive our growth and social impact.


We know that even when disadvantaged sixth form students achieve the same grades as their peers, they are still less likely to win places at top universities. Not only is this a problem for these students – thousands miss out on this key route to social mobility each year – but it deprives universities (and the industries recruiting from them) a key talent pool.


We ensure students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds can freely access a programme of support to build the knowledge, confidence and skills to make successful applications to top universities.

We do this on a cross-subsidy model, working across the education sector. Our work in the private sector allows us to generate profits, and crucially expertise, to make the same services available free of charge to students from much less advantaged backgrounds. Our programme is run by expert volunteers, who have recently graduated from top universities themselves.


We’ve been through several years of consolidation, recently brought on a new Board of non-executive directors, set a new vision and mission, tripled the scale of our access programme, and are now looking at routes to growth.

Project: Stakeholder engagement and management

We’ve recently set a new vision and mission, and need to manage how we communicate this change with our stakeholders, namely our network of 150 volunteers. We need to work on some language, tone, voice, and imagery to communicate our social mission to volunteers, as well as advice on how we communicate our social mission to paying clients.