We support children experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties through a year-long mentoring programme Join us to help develop a training offer which will change the lives of even more children!


Children with behavioural and emotional difficulties, particularly where these emerge earlier in childhood, frequently have very poor outcomes in the longer term including greater risk of imprisonment, substance misuse, and adult mental illness. We know this doesn’t need to be the case and that with the right support and encouragement, children and their families can be supported to improve behaviour and to develop the skills and confidence they need to flourish.


Chance UK has a very clear mission - to intervene early in the lives of children aged 5 - 12 with behavioural and emotional difficulties to enable them to improve their behaviour, become confident, positive and be happy. The children that we work with are at risk of educational exclusion, anti-social and/or criminal behaviour in adolescence and early adult life. We empower children to develop their skills, confidence and life aspirations through a year-long mentoring programme.


We believe we can create a huge amount of impact by developing a training programme for school staff to use the coaching techniques which our mentors use to great effect. This will further our mission to help children with behavioural and emotional difficulties as well as building a new source of income. Chance UK works with over 20+ schools in each of our London Borough’s and our experience is that schools frequently struggle to deal effectively with children who are behaviorally challenging.

The hard data backs this up. School exclusion rates have risen for the past 3 years – including at a primary school level. Government adviser Tom Bennet recently wrote that “poor behaviour remains a significant issue for many schools in England” and argued for better training citing a survey of 1700 teachers which found half couldn’t access training to tackle poor behaviour. Whilst the NUT says “behaviour management is an area in which most teachers have received very little training or support”. There are just under 2,000 primary schools in London and just under 17,000 in England representing a very significant potential market if we can get this right.


We have the passion and knowledge of how to make a difference to children. We are looking for a team with skills in business development, market analysis and/or marketing to help us develop our business model, define our target market and marketing approach.