We’re a creative non-profit working to empower girls where they are marginalised and vulnerable. We are growing fast and are eager to stay across industry trends that will inform our future strategy and business positioning.

We create for and with young people, in ways they love and interact with. We build powerful, authentic youth media brands in key global markets, and leverage technology to scale our reach to girls around the world. We focus on a girl’s whole world, along her entire journey to adulthood. And we create with her, so she can tell her story.

Through magazines, clubs, radio, TV, online, music and more, we’re building brands that young people want to be part of. Deeply rooted in local culture, these brands give girls a new sense of identity and self-belief, and enable communities to see girls differently.

One example is our youth brand Ni Nyampinga which is made up of a magazine, radio drama and talk show, a network of clubs and digital platforms, made by girls for girls. Ni Nyampinga speaks to everyone – not just girls – to challenge the perceptions and behaviours that hold girls back. In this way, Ni Nyampinga has sparked a national discussion about what girls can achieve. As well as engaging over half of all girls aged 10-19 in Rwanda to consume the magazine or radio show, with 95,000 forming clubs.

In the last year 22m people were aware of our youth brands in Ethiopia, Malawi and Rwanda, and 16m additional users across 66 countries visited Springster, our global mobile platform. We are now expanding into India, Nigeria and Tanzania to exponentially scale our impact, while also seeking to become more sustainable.

This dynamic period of growth offers incredible opportunities for evolving and innovating on our core work. To make the most of these new investments, and to build in ways that match emerging market trends, we seek a dynamic, cross-functional team with the ability to help us learn from relevant industry insights that can inform our strategy, positioning and programming.

We are inviting a Beyond Me team to join Girl Effect to help us fully understand how the world’s of media, technology, commercial product and service providers, and international development are evolving and converging, so that we can best function at the intersection of all these interests and investments.

The scale of Girl Effect gives a BeyondMe team the opportunity to delve into the landscape of media, technology, commercial and development on a global level, while working on a cause which is more relevant and critical than perhaps ever before. The project offers opportunities for team members to leverage individual skills and experience for standalone sector reports, while also pooling capabilities to draw new insight into how these world’s converge.