10:10 Climate Action inspires more people to take greater action on climate change. Flying’s a major factor in climate change, help create a business scheme to encourage people to travel more overland.

Climate change is the fight of our lives but we have the knowledge, skills and technologies to stop it. The science is clear – even 2°C of global warming would be highly dangerous to humanity’s future.

Our generation can be ones to stop climate change but not by incremental steps or technological magic bullets, we’ll need profound changes.

That’s where 10:10 Climate Action comes in. There are very few NGOs dedicated exclusively to tackling climate change in the UK, and none that share our focus on inspiring the public. We’re relentlessly upbeat and want people to be excited about taking climate action. We never run a campaign about a problem unless we can present a solution.

Despite only 5% of the world’s population ever having stepped foot in a plane, flying is the fastest growing contributor to climate change. On current trends, aviation alone will account for 25% of UK carbon emissions by 2050.

Cutting down on flying is one of the most powerful climate change actions those of us who travel can take. The truth is we don’t have a techno-fix for aviation waiting in the wings ready to save the day, we need a social-fix.

Climate Perks is our ambitious new project to seed a cultural shift towards more carbon friendly travel.

A big barrier to travelling overland (and sea!) for journeys up to 1,000 miles is time. By offering a limited number of paid ‘journey days’ each year - and receiving the Climate Perks mark in exchange - climate conscious companies can open overland travel to employees, and show that their commitment to cutting carbon is more than warm words.

We would love your help on Climate Perks to create and market this pioneering scheme.

Climate change is the fight of our lives, help us create solutions.