Gather brings people and data together to solve the urban sanitation crisis. We want to understand others working on similar problems, and what possibilities for collaboration and inorganic growth exist.

Cities cannot thrive without sanitation. But today three billion people do not have access to proper sanitation in cities across the world. New toilets are being built, but without quality data it’s impossible to know where they are needed most. We want to publish useful, accurate data so that sanitation organisations can build new toilets where they’re needed. By 2020, we want to be facilitating targeted sanitation interventions for 15 million people in eight emerging cities across the world.

We know that we are not operating in a vacuum, and that we are not the only people trying to solve the problem of a lack of data in development. We believe that data is crucial to reducing poverty and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We want to know who is out there providing data and analysis on the SDGs. We want to know how we can help them, how they can help us, and who we should be pursuing relationships with. We want to maximise Gather’s impact through what other people are doing: the beauty of a platform is that it facilitates collaboration, joining together forces that might otherwise be in competition. We want to find ways to join up with teams working in fields that touch our own, where there are mutual benefits for us and the communities our work supports.

You would conduct field research into data provision around the SDGs, particularly in small innovative technology and NGO start-ups. You would see who has synergies with what we are doing and develop prioritised scenarios for how Gather could host or collaborate with these organisations going forward. And together we can try and leverage off of the energy in the data space, rather than competing some of the innovation away.