Right to Succeed envision a world in which a young person’s life chances are not determined by background. Our mission is to work in local partnership to deliver collective solutions to the inequities facing children and young people in the UK. We do this by following a social lab process to help local leaders develop, pilot, sustain and grow research-informed interventions that help create the conditions in which young people facing inequity can thrive. We are looking for a BeyondMe team who is excited to support us in making the most of our delivery partners, supporting partners (pro-bono and funders) and policy partners.

We work to reduce the inequity facing children and young people in some of the most disadvantaged areas in the UK.

Our current three programmes include school improvement, preventing school exclusions (Blackpool, Doncaster and North Belfast) and youth unemployment.

We see all our programmes through the lens of our four-phase improvement process that helps us frame the change. We begin with the identification of the need, the next step is the solution design phase, then the delivery stage where the solution is tested and finally the reflect phase which focuses on an analysis of the impact of the intervention.

We apply this social lab process to each aspect of our work, working with local partners to ensure it’s effectively implemented. Over time, the aim is that it builds into a cycle of improvement, helping move over time from identifying a specific problem that needs overcoming, to delivering successfully at scale. Ultimately, it is designed to lead to the building of local commitment to locally-based research that will drive improvement.

As a collective impact organisation our partners are the lifeblood of our organisation. We are looking for a BeyondMe team who is excited to support us in codifying our work with our delivery partners, supporting partners (pro-bono and funders) and policy partners.

As we enter our third year of operation as a charity we would love to get some focused support on codifying, connecting and communicating with our partners in deliberate, meaningful and strategic ways.

We have a varied range of delivery partners from international organisations providing literacy online tests for students to small charities that provide consultancy work around a schools’ vision setting.

We want to be able to fairly represent to school and youth organisations the work of our partners and enable them to make an informed decision.

We currently use a confidence framework in order to understand the value that our partners bring, however we would like to refine this to ensure this reflects the capture of all the elements we feel are vital to provide an effective intervention in the challenging environments we work in. As part of this we want to more easily identify our partners strengths and weaknesses so we can encourage learning and improvement and quickly decide which partners fit where.

We understand that we could benefit from codifying the different levels of engagement across our partner network and we want to find a way to keep our partners (historic, live and prospective) engaged in our work, regardless of whether they are actively engaged in on-site delivery, by expressing the benefits of staying within our network.

We would also like to work on how we communicate the work of our organisation through our partners who often have direct contact with the youth organisations and young people we aim to serve. To ensure that we are being faithfully represented, that our approach remains a consistent thread that runs across the work in schools and youth organisations and that it is easy for partners to talk about and promote our work.

Further we would like to codify our work with our supporting and policy partners, the scope of which is still in development.