Help BASIC partner with a craft brewery to create a hip nuclear disarmament beer, from which a percentage profits go to our charity.

‘The risk of a nuclear catastrophe today is greater than it was during the Cold War.’

— Bill Perry, former US Secretary of Defense (1994-1997).

Though the Cold War ended in the early 1990s, there are still 17,000 nuclear weapons in the world and hundreds can be fired in moments. Now, this fragile peace is under threat. Trust and cooperation between the United States and Russia continues to sink, tensions on the Korean Peninsula are close to boiling, and the world is again slipping into a punitively-costly arms race. Solving these conflicts requires addressing their root causes through careful diplomacy and coordinated international action.

BASIC is a small but influential think tank fostering innovative thinking and meaningful dialogue on global nuclear disarmament, arms control and nonproliferation. Founded in 1987, we’re trusted experts on progressive international peace and security policy, advising governments globally. We believe nuclear disarmament is possible, but the organisation needs to transition towards a more sustainable and diverse funding model and raise awareness of nuclear risks amongst a new generation.

To this end, we’ve come up with the concept of creating a nuclear disarmament-branded craft beer, which we think would fit the aesthetics of the craft beer industry well. We’d like your help to partner with and develop a BASIC Beer with a medium-sized brewer, who would donate a percentage of profits for each beer sold.

BASIC would benefit because it would open up a new and exciting funding stream, and give us the requisite skills to make corporate partnerships in the future. Drinkers would benefit from messages on the bottle that would introduce next generation audiences to key disarmament issues and explain their charitable donation to BASIC.

The brewery would benefit from the charity partnership because they target markets that are particularly keen for businesses to make a positive social impact.

BASIC needs assistance with capacity and business skills to get this off the ground. Can your team help? There might even be some beer tasting involved...