We are building a global movement of teachers to improve teacher training around the world. We are empowering local teachers we work with to become the trainers of the future.

We run inspirational teacher training programmes with over 2,000 teachers across 10 countries. Currently teams of teachers from UK, USA and Australia spend their summers delivering workshops, observing and coaching teachers in limited resources contexts who receive very little teacher training. However, we want to empower and enable the local teachers we work with to lead the training and continue to champion high quality teaching and learning after we leave.

To deepen our impact and fully embed new teaching strategies we piloted a "train the trainer" course in Uganda in 2016. 15 Uganda teachers co-delivered the training with our UK teachers and there was an amazing experience of collaboration and the effectiveness of the training increased overall.

This group of "Lead Teachers" has now become a network that meets for further training and are currently supporting their peers to improve the education in Kanungu, a rural district in South West Uganda.

However, we work in partnership with a social enterprise LRTT to deliver our education programmes. They have a unique model where they are not reliant on external funding and all the training programmes are funded by visiting teachers themselves. This means the programmes are financially sustainable and that we can increase our impact year on year.

We want to build on the success of our "Lead Teacher" pilot and be running the same network with each of our 15 partners by 2020 so that we can really build this global teacher movement and harness the energy and expertise of teachers around the world.

We need the skills and ideas from a BeyondMe team to develop a sustainable funding model to enable us to run our Lead Teacher networks around the world. In particular, we would benefit from business and strategy skills as well as project management skills to review the existing pilot, identify innovate models and implement new systems for managing this programme.