We support a large number of young asylum seekers and refugees to access, progress and thrive in education. Many of these young people are in the UK with out their families and are looked after by the local authority. One of our core programmes is to recruit volunteer mentors to support young refugees with homework. We ask all volunteers to submit a comprehensive application form, supply references and complete a DBS check. As such we are dealing with a lot of confidential information and we would love a team to help us do a data protection audit and come up with an action plan to ensure our systems and procedures are best practice. In addition we know that our use of IT is inefficient and our levels of access are not well thought through so we would also hugely value a team who could help us propose a structure for online filing and provide training in this.

We are working towards a world where all young people who have to flee their homes because of war are able to build more hopeful futures through education. At present we work with over 400 refugees and asylum seekers across London providing in-depth personalised education support through our three core programme areas:

1. Educational mentoring: mobilising, training and supporting community volunteers to provide bespoke 1:1 educational mentoring across London

2. Providing additional advice, guidance and pyschosocial wellbeing support to young asylum seekers or refugees who are NEET, or facing significant barriers to educational progression.

3. Access to higher education: Running a national free phone line providing in depth advice and guidance, facilitating scholarships, training universities and colleges.

In all of this work we deal with a lot of very confidential information and we would like our data protection systems to be the best they possibly can be. We would really value a team who could come into the offices and help us firstly do an audit of our data protection. We would then hope that the team would write an action plan for us to improve systems and operating practice and finally run some training for our staff on your findings and recommendations. A complimentary, and equally valuable piece of work, would be for a team to help us to think through our use of IT. At the moment we are halfway between dropbox and drive with many staff members still saving files exclusively on their personal computers. There is no particular logic to where files are stored and so we regularly waste time looking for documents. Ideally we want everybody working on drive - but would be open to a better way of working? - and need a team to:

1. help us think through a logical system for naming and storing files

2. help us think through at which point to grant access to confidential files

3. to provide training and best practice on drive (or whichever system we decide to use)