Help lift people out of homelessness and towards employment, by giving them the skills, resources and confidence they need. Climb aboard, this elevator’s going one way and the only way is up!

London is a world city and with increased demand for housing, it is not only property prices and rents that are rising. Over the past year rough sleeping in London has risen 30%. Here at the 999 Club, 1 minute from Deptford Bridge DLR, we support the homeless and those at high risk of becoming so. They tell us that they see employment as the way out of their situation, but lack the skills, confidence and know-how to reach their goal. We are looking for a team who can help with job searches, CVs, career choices, interview techniques and work etiquette skills. Moreover you can help lift people to find the confidence and self esteem to access other training and volunteering opportunities and take their first steps towards employment. We see this as an opportunity to shape a project with a corporate team so our budget is an outline suggestion and up for debate. We hope the team can fundraise, not only to cover the cost of this project, but towards the general cost of all our services as a whole.