To promote CFINE, raising our profile, creating a foundation to market our produce generating new enterprise customers, in turn generating increased profit to support our considerable community services and support.

CFINE, charity and social enterprise, provides a range of community support and services to ‘000’s of disadvantaged, vulnerable, low income individuals, families and communities in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire to improve their health, financial management, employability and social networks; CFINE tackles poverty and builds our beneficiaries’ resilience. As a social enterprise, CFINE sells fruit and veg commercially with all profit supporting our work for community benefit. Our enterprise sales have been ‘hit’ dramatically by the oil downturn with c£500,000 of annual sales lost in the past 16 months.

CFINE’s project is in 3 parts:

- Firstly, to support the updating of our Social Enterprise (Business) Plan to reflect present and projected activities, resources and finances.

- Secondly, to raise the profile of CFINE and its social and community benefits and impact in the corporate sector, with other businesses eg restaurants and the general public (the domestic market) from which to market our produce to generate increased sales.

- Thirdly, harnessing the increased profile and understanding of CFINE’s positive impact on disadvantaged, vulnerable, low income people, to promote businesses and the public’s support for CFINE through recruitment of volunteers and donations of finance and produce (for our food banks and to support the >150 partner organisation which we provide produce to which in turn make this available to people in food poverty).