Helping Grassroots Initiatives to do what they good at - not putting them in front of computers! Only less than 2% of international aid goes to local organisations. In the aid sector, each organization is competing with each other – for money, for visibility, for paying their employees’ salaries. Local initiatives are struggling to survive, worn down by bureaucracy.

Change the system and cut out the middlemen. A tinder solution so aid + locals connect. Enhancing human connections, and moving towards trust and transparency

through a social media-like platform connecting granting organizations with localized projects; smart reporting forms and templates that cut the paperwork; and GPS and time-stamped location and visual data collected through our App, proving the delivered impact.

Our goal is to make our desire to help more effective and support Grassroots initiatives, young people impacted by conflict. We are currently supporting local Changemakers in war and conflict zones through the needs-based and financial award. One of our projects is in Al Raqqa, Syria (ex ISIS headquarter) - where we reinforce existing community networks and tap into local community networks creating different entry points to identify community priorities, and identify (paperless) routes to best support those (scalable platform) priorities.