FBB enable young people who are disengaged with their learning to achieve their goals. Join our innovative team to help develop our strategy for new income streams.

Football Beyond Borders exist to tackle the twin issue of educational underachievement and school exclusions. Over half of all permanent exclusions are given to pupils aged 13 or 14. Our weekly football themed, literacy and behaviour for learning curriculum put a young person’s passion for football at the heart of their education.

Currently, there are significant financial challenges in educational funding which directly affects the capacity of our charitable work with 400+ young people. Schools are under sustained pressure over finances and cannot pay for the full cost of the programme. As a result, it has become increasingly important that FBB develops regular unrestricted sources of income to offset the deficit and continue our vital work with young people.

We have recently completed focus group work to enable us to understand and segment our supporters more effectively. As a result of this research, we have devised fundraising products that appeal to our core supporter segment (25-35 men) and generate regular income. However, we now seek to develop another product that appeals to other segments of our supporter community.

We would like a team to:

1. Develop a strategic plan that assesses our current fundraising products to shape initiatives and financial projections

2. Liaise with key stakeholders to create an innovative new fundraising product

3. Development of marketing materials needed to penetrate our customer base

4. Create an effective framework to monitor and evaluate this and demonstrate impact to key stakeholders

The BeyondMe team would be working closely with our Business Development Manager and Events Manager, who oversees the delivery of our fundraising products