Support IntoUniversity with the set-up of our new learning centres at a crucial time in our development. Undertake research and team volunteering to ensure the initial success of the centres. As we expand it is also crucial to continue gaining support for our established centres, help us to collate up-to-date research and feasibility studies for our established centres.

IntoUniversity is an innovative education charity that works from local learning centres based in the heart of underprivileged communities, raising the aspirations and thereby the life chances of children and young people who live in these areas.

Each IntoUniversity centre provides sustained academic support, motivation and encouragement to give disadvantaged young people a fair chance of realising their full potential. Starting with children as young as seven, and supporting them through to adulthood, we offer an innovative programme of after-school Academic Support, Mentoring and aspiration-raising FOCUS programmes.

IntoUniversity is currently in a period of growth, now operating 21 local learning centres in seven cities across the UK. At this crucial time of expansion we are looking for a BeyondMe team to support with the research, feasibility studies and set-up of our new centres.

Before opening a centre we undertake extension research into the need in a specific area, using government data such as the Index of Multiple Deprivation. We also dedicate a lot of time identifying potential new sites and preparing them for opening to local young people.

There are several centres in the pipeline to open within the next couple of years. As a team you would support us in undertaking feasibility studies and researching potential local business partners and funders in the area. Completing this work prior to opening the centres is crucial to their success and establishment within the local community.

As we expand it is also important to ensure we maintain a bank of current data for our established centres to aid in the funding for these centres. We would like a team to create up-to-date feasibility studies for each of our centres, outlining key statistics and information about the area to include in funding proposals. Full training on data sources used and interpretation of this would be provided.

We are also seeking support with the set-up of our new Islington centre opening in autumn 2016. Projects include recruiting community volunteers to support young people at Academic Support and developing strategies to spread the word of the new centre within the community. As a team you would also support in the set-up and preparation of the centre, this would include a team day spent at the centre preparing the space, creating displays and setting up the classroom. As a team you could also sign up to begin volunteering at the centre in the autumn, supporting local students from the very beginning of the centre's operations.