Join us at Global Schools Forum to support our community of education entrepreneurs running innovative and inclusive private school networks across Africa, Asia and South America serving poor families.


Globally many children are not in school, or if they are, they are not learning. We want this to change and ensure the world’s poorest children receive a quality education.

Several passionate entrepreneurs have established innovative private school networks to address this. The number of these schools has increased significantly, with 22% of primary students in low-income countries now attending private schools. There is no global platform to support these networks and provide a cohesive voice for the sector.


Our vision is a world where all children have access to quality education.

Global Schools Forum is a community of education entrepreneurs who are running and supporting innovative and inclusive schools in underserved markets. Our global network builds members’ capacity, enables them to access tools, resources and expertise, connects them with funders and helps them scale and strengthen their models. We have 35 members, running 12,000 schools, reaching 800,000 children and we want to grow.


We have a number of projects that BeyondMe teams could work on for GSF depending on the skills and interests of the team. Have a look below and get in touch if any of them seem right for you and your team...

1. Market-sizing – What is the size and projected growth of the affordable private school market across Africa, Asia and South America? What portion would engage with GSF? What would success look like for GSF in 3 years?

Skills required: Research, Analysis, Scoping, Business Development

2. Organisational sustainability and revenue generation – How can GSF become sustainable, including charging a membership fee? How might we tier fees to address the diversity of members? What do analogous global organisations charge? How else can we generate revenue?

Skills required: Financial Modelling, Research, Business Planning

3. Building a strong network– How do others run good network organisations? What best-practice exists for building and sustaining relationships across networks? What potential challenges do we need to consider as it grows?

Skills required: Research, Business Consulting, Strategy

4. Measuring the impact of GSF – How do we measure impact as a network organisation? How are others doing this effectively? How can we best communicate our impact to our funders and stakeholders? What KPIs and indicators should we focus on?

Skills required: Monitoring, Evaluation, Impact Assessment, Comms, Advocacy