Future First Global’s mission is to strengthen public education systems, create fairer societies and support school to work transitions. We are looking for support to help us design a campaigns and advocacy strategy that will enable us to have a global reach.

Future First Global was launched off the back of a nine-country research study sponsored by the Open Society Foundations. The study analysed the current practice and potential for alumni networks in East and West Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. Over 9,000 people were polled as part of the study.

The research showed a consistent pattern: that people want to give back to their old educational institutions, but that this tends to happen only in elite communities. This is not because the propensity to give back is higher, but simply because those communities are better organised, and have been able to dedicate time and resources to engaging with their alumni and harnessing their support.

Our five areas of work are:

• Consultancy – designing and implementing alumni strategy for school networks, local and national governments and other socially minded organisations

• Programmes – delivering our Alumni Leadership Programme, enabling school leavers to gain employment readiness skills and deliver real social impact

• Campaigns – leading global awareness campaigns to raise the level of understanding of alumni engagement and catalyse ongoing activity

• Advocacy – lobbying for positive change at both local and national level

• Research – conducting global research into the intent and impact of alumni and making this available to all through an open source platform

Our experience of campaigning so far has largely been our pilot global Back to School Week campaign that we ran in February 2016. We are in the process now of taking these learnings to design a structured and detailed campaigns and advocacy strategy to implement from Summer 2017. We would love some support to help us to design this, and an outside team would bring significant value to this work.

This work would involve market research (whether there are any current movements and campaigns we could leverage/collaborate with) ,some deep thinking around advocacy (whether we should be prioritizing government, teaching unions, school networks, NGOS or a completely different stakeholder – and what messaging across each of these might look like) and design of a practical strategy we can implement.