West London Zone provides early interventions for the children and young people who need them most. Join an innovative and fast-growing charity to conduct further research into our partners’ services.

West London Zone helps charities duplicate less and target the children who could benefit most by overseeing the provision of individually tailored support packages to disadvantaged children and young people in West London. We hope that by addressing issues early, we can prevent them becoming serious crises later in life.

Our model was inspired by the influential Harlem Children’s Zone in New York – and we similarly pledge to do ‘whatever it takes’ to ensure the children and young people in our area grow up ready for school, with good physical and mental health, able to forge positive relationships and prepared for gainful employment.

We are an innovative and dynamic young charity, which emphasises collaboration, effective use of data, and the importance of local, place-based support. Over the next 10 years we have a plan to positively impact 13,000 children and young people across three square miles of inner West London, and change the life chances of the children in our Zone for good.

We are inviting a Beyond Me team to join West London Zone to help conduct research into our partnerships, and to produce a report with recommendations. Why do partners running similar services for children and young people have different costs? We would also be interested to hear the Team’s opinion on where WLZ could negotiate on price, or how our process for bringing partners on board might have to change as our charity grows.

WLZ works with a wide range of charities, including Place2Be (mental health counselling), Beanstalk (volunteer reading helpers), London Sports Trust (physical activity sessions and targeted sports and nutrition mentoring), and HomeStart Westminster (volunteer family befriending and support in the home for families with a child under 5 years old). We even work with a charity (Albert & Friends) which provides "circus skills" sessions to primary school children, to help them develop fine/gross motor skills and social-emotional skills. The more "fun" sessions such as these are hugely popular with the children and helps to engage them in the "harder" support sessions, such as academic tuition.

Because of the range of partners WLZ works with, this project represents an exciting opportunity for a BeyondMe team to build an understanding of many different charities and the way they do things - rather than just working with one charity.

This project would be managed by our Development Officer with support from the WLZ Partnerships Manager. The team would be joining a small but growing organisation, and so can be sure their input will be highly valued and have a real impact on our development. Depending on how the project progresses, there is potential for the BeyondMe team to help us implement their final recommendations. We see this as the beginning of a relationship - a BeyondMe could ultimately help build WLZ's capacity to help us continue delivering our work in the future.