Economy is a charity working to improve public understanding of economics for the sake of democracy and people’s personal financial health. We need help changing economics from something most people find a boring and confusing into something they find interesting and useful.

In 2016, Economy's research found that only 12% of us feel that politicians and the media talk about economics in an accessible way. In May this year, another poll demonstrated that over half of the UK public (55%) feel information about the economy in the media around election time is not useful enough to help them make an informed voting choice.

When you consider that politicians talk about the economy pretty much every single day, we think this is a bit of a problem: you can’t really have a functioning democracy if the conversations you’re supposed to be part of, are ones you’re actively excluded from.

We want to build a movement of people calling for this to change, and we need your help.

Economics is at the centre of public debate on everything from healthcare, to immigration, to the arts. Having the confidence to engage in debate on how the economy should work is essential to being a democratically engaged citizen, and making healthy personal finance decisions.

In the last 2 years we’ve spoken to thousands of people about how the word economy makes them feel (the answer: not great), we’ve worked with journalists from the BBC, Channel 4, ITV News, The Financial Times, The Independent, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Talk Radio and more all discussing how to better engage citizens, and delivered programmes and workshops in schools empowering young people to talk about the economy in confident way for the first time in their life. When we meet people they often feel scared to talk about something they feel they have no agency in it - by the end of our workshops, people feel empowered and like they now belong to something that previously was a barrier.

But we can’t do this alone - there are millions of people that feel disconnected from economics, and we need to fundamentally reform the way we talk about the subject. To achieve this, we need people power behind our campaign, getting thousands of voices, young and old, calling for the same change. We have run a small #DitchTheJargon campaign, and built an organic social media following of between 5k-10k followers on each platform, but we need to a focussed campaign that will grow this to the point and create a noise loud enough that more and more policy makers and public figures will join us in our mission.

This is where we need your help! To devise and implement a strategy that will help us create a louder voice in the demand for a more understandable economics. We are keen to develop either a youth or adult campaign that will get people talking and sharing about the economy in a way the world has never seen before, and saying that actually, economics is for everyone.