Unlocked Graduates have fresh ideas for new approaches to rehabilitation in prisons. We want a team to support them to implement these ideas through utilising corporate change management techniques in the public sector.

We want our participants to inject new ideas, insights and energy into the rehabilitation of prisons: to lead subtle changes on the inside that deliver huge benefits on the outside.

Unlocked Graduates is a leadership development programme that aims to reduce reoffending rates by persuading exceptional graduates to join our leadership scheme and work as a frontline prison officer for two years.

This is an urgent challenge. Prison has a poor record of reducing re-offending – almost half of prisoners reoffend within 12 months of being released from prison.

There isn’t a silver bullet to fix prisons, if there was we would already have found it. Instead we need 100 one per cent fixes: small changes on the inside that lead to big changes on the outside. We think prison officers are especially well qualified to identify these.

We are looking for a Beyond Me team to prepare and support our participants to make organisational changes within the prison service to help end the cycle of reoffending.

Change Management coaching will cover models of change management, tools for leading change and factors of successful change management. Participants will be equipped with the skills to navigate and implement change and how to overcome the human barriers they may face.

You will help our participants implement corporate techniques in the public sector and make lasting change to the prison service. This support can strengthen the policy papers developed by participants in their second year which will present ideas for change within the prison service.

Your support will help our participants to undertake innovative projects that will create real change in prisons across the county.