Centre for Mental Health delivers life-changing research and policy influence to change lives and tackle inequalities. Partner with us to help craft our unique skills and expertise into an offer for practitioners and other partners.

Centre for Mental Health carries out life-changing research and policy influence to address inequalities in mental health. Many stark inequalities exist today: the poorest children are four times as likely to have a mental health difficulty as the wealthiest, young Black men are many times more likely to be subject to the Mental Health Act, and people with autism, learning disabilities and long-term physical health problems have higher rates of mental ill health that often go unidentified.

Despite high levels of need, funding is often a challenge even for successful services. We want to use our established and growing body of research on the case for funding and promising innovations to educate key stakeholders and make sure that the right decisions are being made at every possible level.

Centre for Mental Health is seeking a team of skilled volunteers to help us research and develop a training and development programme for senior figures in health and commissioning, to share evidence and equip them with the knowledge they need to address inequalities.

The team will help us define a model that achieves positive social impact while delivering paid-for products based on our unique skills, experience and expertise.

This project would involve:

• Market research into development opportunities for people working in health who could directly benefit from our expertise and insight;

• Recommendations ‘product offers’ based on the needs of potential clients and other available products – e.g. training modules, webinars, masterclasses or workshops;

• Analysis of potential participants and how to reach them;

This is a great chance for a team of young professionals to deploy their skills and work with subject matter experts to influence whole system change in an area which affects us all.