Into Film harnesses the power of film to enrich children’s lives and learning. We’re seeking expertise to help us maximise our reach, impact, and sustainability in a challenging educational environment.

Films enable us to understand the world around us, to see things through other people’s eyes; through film we can tell our own stories.

Into Film utilises film’s extraordinary potential to contribute to children’s learning and development, and to transform classroom teaching: through a network of extracurricular film clubs, downloadable teaching resources, teacher training, online content and the world’s largest free film festival for schools. We’ve made a great start: during our first four years half of UK state schools have engaged with us and we reach over one million young people annually. But our data suggests we may be hitting the wall.

With ever-increasing demands on teachers and their time, and greater curriculum priorities, it’s becoming more challenging to engage schools with film and sustain film clubs - a key programme KPI.

And while current National Lottery funding – our principal income source - runs to 2022, there are clear risks to our heavy reliance on it.

We need fresh eyes, and expertise we lack in business modelling and strategic market analysis, to help review and evolve our model: what we do and how we do it; whether our ‘offer’ is as relevant as it could be; what our data’s telling us and what else we need to know; whether there may be opportunities and income generation potential we’re not exploiting. And we want to identify KPIs that would effectively evidence our impact and help tell our story.

We appreciate the wide scope of this and are willing to be flexible regarding final project design and objectives; we’re keen to play to a team’s particular strengths and expertise.

Film’s all about stories but is our own story as compelling as it could be? Are we telling and selling it effectively? Come and help us to develop Into Film’s story.