Help a youth charity grow its social enterprise, by developing a strategy to market ground-breaking conflict training to companies. This will generate revenue for our charitable work: supporting marginalised young people.

Leap Confronting Conflict is an award-winning charity specialising in the creative management of youth conflict. Leap works with disadvantaged and marginalised young people and supports them to manage their behaviour and make positive changes to their lives.

Due to changes in the external funding environment, charities are under ever greater pressure to ensure they have a sustainable source of income. Leap has excellent long term relationships with a broad range of traditional funders including individual donors, corporate funders and charitable trusts. However, Leap must develop its own means of generating income and is in the fortunate position of having a marketable product: conflict management training.

At the heart of our work is conflict management training and we believe there is a great demand in the corporate workplace for support with conflict management, i.e. managing difficult conversations, coping with stressful situations, and communicating effectively. Leap is well equipped to address all of these areas through its training programmes.

Leap has spent the last two years fine-tuning the curriculum content, testing out pilot schemes and developing relationships with key “endorsers” within the private sector. We now need additional support to develop the second phase of the strategy, which will include long-term business development and marketing strategies and market research.

Specific areas within the development of our social enterprise where we would like support from a BeyondMe team are:

• the Strategic Plan design, including an environmental and internal assessment and the development of strategic articulation, initiatives and financial projections

• The development of marketing materials needed to penetrate our customer base

• The review and assessment of any corporate training being delivered during the project timeframe.

The BeyondMe team would be working closely with our Business Development Manager and Programme Delivery Manager, who oversees our sale relationships and the development of training programmes for our corporate market.