Inspired by the Dalai Lama quote "The World Will Be Saved By the Western Woman", our vision for the ‘Unleashed Women Campaign’ is to bring women together to end hunger and poverty. Unleashed Women is an international platform for women to show their solidarity with women and girls in some of the poorest villages of the world. United, they bring together their skills, talents and determination to end hunger.

The Unleashed Women Leadership movement was launched last year with the support of a BeyondMe team. This year, we would like to leverage on it's success and extend our reach to a wider audience to be able to continue increasing the number of lives positively impacted by the Unleashed Women movement. We hope to progress even further in unleashing women’s true potential and ultimately achieving our goal of ending extreme hunger by 2030 through female empowerment.

Rural women in some of the poorest villages of the world face challenges in achieving their vision of a prosperous and self-reliant future for themselves and their families. They are often subject to harmful practices such as child marriage or are deprived of their rights, including the rights to live free of violence, own land and productive assets, food security, nutrition, education and access to reproductive health services.

The Hunger Project supports rural women who are the community leaders and primary caregivers of their families. In addition to working the land, they also support their families, promote the food security of their children and entire communities and also actively contribute to the wealth of their countries. We strongly believe that developing the leadership of women is the key to ending hunger.

We are empowering women and establishing equality in local democracies in India, building a movement of women leaders in Bangladesh and creating and establishing women-owned and run local banks across Africa.

In the UK, The Unleashed Women platform aims to invite successful women from the UK - professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, mothers and creators to join Unleashed Women, become agents of change and have the opportunity to connect with, learn from and support our women partner leaders from our programmes.

There is a variety of ways and levels to invest, ranging from monthly contributions to fundraising whilst participating in challenges or events in support of our women partners and our work.

Launched in the UK with the support of a BeyondMe team in 2017, the “Unleashed Women" movement has been a successful initiative for The Hunger Project, rallying the support of women from all levels of society and corporate sponsorship.

We need the support of a Beyond Me team to develop the second stage of this campaign and scale up the movement.

The global Unleashed Women movement is gaining momentum and we would like to take the UK movement to the next level. To do this, we would like the help of the Beyond Me team to form a clear marketing strategy, with a view to attracting a much larger audience of Unleashed Women who will help grow our community and bring awareness to our cause.