CoachBright exists to widen access to university for pupils from low-income communities. We are looking for a team who are skilled in systems operational thinking and community engagement, helping us to ensure each team member is working on the same page and ex-pupils and coaches are still involved in our mission.

We do this through one-to-one coaching programmes delivered by university students or peer coaches in Year 12. Our programmes work to enable students to improve in three main areas in an overall effort to gain a place at the best university for them:

• Academic Attainment: get the grades they need to lead the lives they want.

• Confidence and Self-Esteem: have the belief to push further.

• Aspirations and Expectations: understand objectively what is needed to get the top jobs and attend the best universities.

The idea behind our coaching (a mixture of the best of business and education theory) is to enable pupils to become more independent and resilient. We’re currently 3 years old and growing across London, Exeter and Birmingham.

CoachBright is at a crucial stage in the journey to grow sustainably and have high impact. Last academic year, we supportrf over 300 pupils and this year we are supporting over 600 pupils in 2017/18 across London, Exeter, Birmingham.

We are looking for a team who are skilled in community building and engagement, helping us to ensure each ex-pupil and coach we work with are still involved in our mission. A few ideas for project members include (but we would like to craft together):

1) Supporting us in developing an empowering alumni programme for our ex-pupils as they transition to university and ultimately work.

2) Develop an alumni programme for coaches to maintain student engagement and boost their employability.

3) Link our work to more corporate sponsors.

Together, we would track our impact across a longer time period and know that the organisation is working effectively to achieve our outcome to break the poverty cycle! Join us!