It’s well known that prevention is better than the cure, but for conflict, this fact is too often ignored, with attention only paid to conflicts after they have escalated. Governments spend $1.72 trillion (USD) on military expenditure each year, while only $10 billion is spent on peacebuilding. We want to shift the focus to a preventative approach to conflict.

We all want to live in peace, to be able to walk our children to school safely, to find a job and feel secure in our homes. We want our voices to be heard in the decisions that affect our lives and to be able to live without fear of violence and harassment.

But two billion people today live in countries affected by fragility and violence and more people are now displaced from their homes than at any time since World War II.

International Alert is a peacebuilding charity with over 30 years experience working to solve the root causes of conflict in 25 countries and territories around the world.

We work directly with people affected by conflict to build lasting peace, bringing people together from across divides. From the grassroots to policy level, our mission is to build a more peaceful world.

• Working with people directly affected by conflict to find peaceful solutions

• Shaping policies and practices to support peace

• Collaborating with all those striving for peace to strengthen our collective voice and impact

One part of our work is to shape policies to support peace, by working with policy makers to address conflict using peacebuilding.

We have always worked with policy makers behind closed doors, but we are now looking to start public campaigning and show policy makers that the public support our goals and want them to change the way they address global conflicts.

This is where we would like Beyond Me’s support.

In the discovery phase of our project to start public campaigning, we would like Beyond Me’s team to lead market research to discover more about the audiences who we would like to engage in campaigning. In addition, we would like to learn more about the policy makers who we want to engage through public campaigning.

We would see the year long project in two parts:

1. Market research to find out more about these new audiences, the messages that stick with them and best ways to reach them

2. User experience mapping as we begin to try and test campaigning with these audiences