IntoUniversity would like to explore the feasibility of utilising the local learning centres it has already established to provide further support to the communities they serve.

IntoUniversity currently operates 24 local learning centres based within the heart of communities facing disadvantage across the UK. Each centre supports over 1,000 local children and young people each year, delivering the IntoUniversity programme throughout the year. At all of our locations we have excellent relationships within the community and with local schools, universities and businesses.

During the evenings and over the weekend however these centre spaces are currently underutilised. We would like a BeyondMe team to explore the feasibility of utilising these established community centres to provide further support to local residents. This could be to provide additional support to our current beneficiaries or to reach new groups within these communities.

Key areas to consider include what gaps in community support currently exist in these areas and which groups currently receive the least support. The team will need to review how financially viable the options are and how much resource would be required to deliver them effectively. We would also like the potential impact of such additional activities assessed to identify the most effective ideas to maximise centre usage.

The results of the project will inform IntoUniversity's post 2020 business plan, which is currently being formed.