We link marginalised communities and journalists through a web portal - This allows people to tell their own stories and upload audio, video and text which journalists can search and use in reporting. The portal is now outdated and will soon stop functioning. We need a rebuild to enable these voices to continue to be heard.

Our hope is that a Beyond Me team will support us to re-build this highly-needed and valued Minority Voice Newsroom so to ensure that Minority and Indigenous peoples still have a dedicated platform to make their voice heard. By re-building it in a simplified way we would ensure that their stories continue to be told, that they have a better visibility and that more Minority and Indigenous peoples (MIPs) are encouraged to make their voices heard.

Our BeyondMe Project:

MRG developed in 2010 the “Minority Voice Newsroom”, a webpage linked to our homepage. This Newsroom plays an essential part in our efforts to give voice to those who are highly marginalized, a core-value of MRG. However, it is now severely outdated and in urgent need of rebuilding.

The Newsroom is an online multimedia library that allows people to upload, download and share their stories. Members of MIPs communities, and their advocates, are encouraged to upload first-hand accounts, interviews, reports, pictures, audio and video footage addressing issues of importance to them. Journalists and others wishing to learn more can then read, download and use material published. It aims to close the gap between minority activists, journalist and individuals: it contributes to our objectives to better include MIP’s perspectives in the media, and to increase awareness among duty-bearers and individuals about the specific needs of minority and indigenous communities.

Today, the Newsroom’s is experiencing difficulties despite being highly valued: the proprietary content management system is no longer supported by its developers, making the site nearly obsolete for it cannot be updated to the latest versions of PHP or with the latest security updates. We also often receive user feedback that the content submission process is too complicated, potentially daunting users from sharing content. Consequently, the Newsroom is not being used to its full potential and is failing to do justice to the uploaded content.

The objective of this project is therefore to revamp and regenerate our Newsroom webpage within a short time frame and in a sustainable way - bearing in mind that the IT resources available to partners are normally much more limited than the fast-moving IT environment in developed countries. We believe with your help we have the potential to make this webpage thrive again.