We bring people and data together to solve the urban sanitation crisis. We're looking for a team to help us explore ways to monetize our model, leading to sustainability.


Cities cannot thrive without toilets. There are currently 2.5 billion people living in cities around the world without access to a safe, clean toilet. To solve this crisis we need information, collaboration and targeted investment.


Toilets change everything. Without them girls drop out of school when they start their periods, children get sick, people cannot work and communities get dangerously polluted.

In 2016, we connected with more than 100 organisations to understand how data was being used by the sector. We found that a lack of quality data had made it impossible for the sector to effectively prioritise areas for investment and track its progress in delivering vital sanitation services for low income communities. The World Bank validated our research when it concluded in 2017 that the allocation of resources across the sanitation sector was ineffective.


Gather has pioneered several geospatial projects to bridge this data gap. We have trained local enumerators to collect data in Kenya, launched a demo of an online platform for global data sharing, and hosted the world’s first urban sanitation data dive.

In 2019 we will be launching the first city data hub in Madagascar. Gather is bringing together government, private and nonprofit organisations to transform how data is collected, exchanged and used. The hub will improve the lives of 350,000 people in low income communities by first transforming the sector’s decision-making process. In doing so, the hub will catalyse three of Gather’s unique offerings: a new data standard, a mechanism for data sharing, and a new geospatial index to drive change in line with Sustainable Development Goal 6.2. This first hub is our proof of concept. Over the next three years, we want to scale and replicate the model to reach 3.5 million people across 4 emerging cities.


For the last three years, Gather has been fueled by the generosity of private philanthropists and strategic grants including from former Vice President Al Gore’s Generation Foundation. As we look to the future, we want to achieve financial sustainability. Key to this is the development of a robust monetisation strategy.


We would love a BeyondMe team to research and design a monetisation strategy that will propel our hubs forward. This strategy will include forecasts, economies of scale and a plan for implementation.

This project will be our second collaboration with BeyondMe. Please do get in touch if you are interested. Together, we can transform how data is used to get safely managed sanitation to 3.5 million people in cities across the world.