On Our Radar amplifies voices of unheard and marginalised communities. Join our innovative team to help us develop our business model and pricing strategy for our new insight platform Radius.


Whether it's Bradford or Bangladesh, communities on the margins of society lack the connectivity, capacity and confidence to raise their voices and be heard. They have little say in the way they are represented or supported. Social development is designed, funded and managed by those with privilege and influence. Tackling poverty and inequality needs to be guided by those at its epicentre if it is to be effective and inclusive.


We have spent five years collaborating with communities across the world. It has been half a decade of experimentation - designing a range of communication solutions that make use of community access to mobile phones, turning their handsets into reporting tools, and connecting them to those who have power over their lives. We have built communications solutions that turn basic mobiles into broadcasting tools, teaches the building blocks of community reporting, enables conversation and collates insight. We are now in the process of weaving our different solutions together to build a single, comprehensive community collaboration tool for the social sector, called Radius. We have a working prototype that we plan to launch in Q1 of 2019.

Radius is a two-way messaging system where members of the community can use their phone to share their stories, highlight their priorities, give feedback, and receive information. Using simple technology that people are already familiar with (e.g. voice calls, text messages or chat-apps), users are able to share their stories in their own words and on their own terms.

This data is collated on the Radius platform which can be made accessible to organisations through a secure login. Radius organises all incoming messages onto a central platform and enables staff to respond. The content on Radius then becomes an organisational asset that can be used for media, fundraising, monitoring, or advocacy purposes.


Although we have established technology and great experience in delivering solutions, this will be the first time we have productized Radius as a comprehensive insight platform for the social sector. It is new and exciting territory for us as we beta test Radius in its new form, and establish our go to market strategy. We are looking for support with structuring our offer and the business model for delivery. In particular, we are seeking assistance with our pricing framework and financial modelling.

If you believe in our values of amplifying user voice and are looking to be ambitious in your social change, then please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.


- An agreed feasible financial model for Radar to develop into a sustainable business (identify ideal split between core funding, media production arm, grant vs. contract income) The restrictive nature of grant funding has allowed us to be innovative, but we have struggled to grow our reserves. Ideally, this financial guidance would include advice on managing our tax and accounting.

- An agreed pricing strategy for Radius. This will include evaluating whether or not a subscription model is feasible and if so, further evaluating different potential pricing tiers for the subscription model, considering the market’s ability to pay, market conditions, product value and Radar’s costs.