We are launching an interest-free loan to enable refugees to return to their careers in the UK. Join us to support mentorship of applicants, fundraise for capital and provide impact measurement training.

The RefuAid team have spent extensive time working with refugee communities in the UK. Access to, and support in, gaining employment commensurate with skills and experience is consistently one of the most requested opportunities. In the UK a recent refugee integration study found that more than one-half of refugees in employment felt that they were over- qualified for their jobs. An additional study of 27 refugees, undertaken by City University London found that before coming to the UK, 21 of the 27 refugees were working, four were students and two were looking after their home and family. The most frequent job was teaching: seven had been teachers. In contrast, once in the UK only nine were in paid employment and none were working as teachers; instead there was clear evidence of underemployment.

RefuAid will provide and administer micro-loans of up to £10,000 to internationally trained refugees in order to assist them in obtaining UK accreditation, upgrading, or training that will allow them to return to employment in their previous professional and trade fields.

RefuAid will rely on contributions from individuals, trusts, foundations and organisations for loan capital and program delivery costs. As the loans are repaid, the capital will be re-used to provide more loans to eligible refugees increasing the impact of the initial contribution.

We are looking for support from BeyondMe with mentorship of professional loan applicants, fundraising for loan capital and in impact measurement.