Access to water is a major challenge for many remote communities in Nepal. No government infrastructure is in place, and the steep terrain means that women face a treacherous daily climb up and down the hillside to collect just enough water for basic household use. Millions of women and girls spend up to six hours every day collecting water, leaving little or no time to pursue more productive activities or educational opportunities. Renewable World is working to change this. This project aims to pump water to off-the-grid Nepalese communities, using sustainable Hydram systems to give households safe access to water. This project aims not only to free up time for women and children to focus on productive and income-generating activities, but also to improve health, education and sanitation for the entire community.

Renewable World is an international NGO committed to delivering clean energy - using renewable resources - to remote communities in the developing world. Our work improves health, education and income opportunities, offering some of the world's poorest people a long-term route out of poverty whilst ensuring that their empowerment does not come at the cost of the environment, but rather works to effectively combat climate change.

By installing a piece of technology as simple as a hydraulic ramp pump (Hydram) water can be pumped uphill and collected. This saves women and children a huge portion of the day, that they would usually spend collecting water, to focus on more valuable activities. For women, this could mean growing more vegetables, joining a cooperative or even going back to school. Children, particularly girls, are free to spend more time in school; bettering their education and ultimately securing themselves a better future.

As with all our projects, Renewable World and our partners will support communities to form cooperatives to manage the systems and the water pumped. We will train at least two individuals from the community (including a woman and a young person) to repair and maintain the technology, extending and assuring the longevity and sustainability of the system.

As part of our overall programme strategy, we are seeking financial support to develop a revolving loan product for community micro-loans within our Nepal programme. This would allow energy-deprived communities in some of Nepal’s most remote regions to access poor-friendly loans for the instillation of life-changing Hydram water pumping systems. We are in the process of moving away from a traditional top-down, grant based model of development to a more community-focused, ownership led model where the communities are given control of their finances. By working with local banks and social institutions to develop this loan model, we will also be able to support many more communities with the funding received.

This is an incredible new project, and we welcome the innovation and support from inspired members of the Beyond Me community. Renewable World is an international non-profit organisation, working in Central America, East Africa and South Asia. We aim to give our communities the skills to repair and maintain their own energy systems, and through our initial investment, help communities to generate a sustainable source of income which then can use in part to maintain their energy systems long after Renewable World’s involvement and implementation has been completed.