A year and a half ago Reprieve invested heavily into upscaling our digital presence, resulting in us growing our supporter database from a few thousand to almost 80,000. Having maximised the impact of this funding, we are once again seeking to revolutionise our use of technology to grow our supporter base. We are looking for help improving and maximising our utilisation of current digital technologies, whilst identifying and implementing new strategies for growth.

Reprieve is a small, feisty organisation of human rights defenders. We work for the most disenfranchised people in society, as it is in their cases that human rights are most swiftly jettisoned and the rule of law is cast aside. Thus, we promote and protect the rights of those facing the death penalty and the victims of extreme human rights abuses committed in the name of the “War on Terror” (WOT).

This project will operate to upscale Reprieve’s digital capacity and upskill the capacity of our team to use digital technologies as a means to achieve casework outcomes and build support for our work. After experiencing a sharp rise in the number of supporters on our database and donations following our last investment in digital, we have now reached a plateau. The project is intended to help us once again grow and maximise our supporter base through digital transformation.

We need a BeyondMe team to help with: optimising our website – both in terms of improving donor journeys and creating content; creating a targeted communications plan for supporters; establishing a digital advisory committee and recruiting talented individuals to it; sourcing and implementing new and improved avenues through which Reprieve can build support for our work digitally; and training to help Reprieve staff maximise the impact of current and new technologies in our work.