Why me? helps victims of crime meet their offenders face-to-face in a Restorative Justice meeting to talk about the harm. Join us to develop a Communications and PR strategy.

Why me? helps victims to meet their offenders, put a face to the crime and get answers to questions which then helps them to get on with their lives. Although this may seem like the riskiest approach to healing lives affected by crime, it can be a truly radical transformation for participants. Many victims are left feeling guilty, traumatised and out of control. They lose sleep and ask questions. For offenders, the victim is often just a sheet of A4 paper and it is hard for them to understand the impact of their crime. Restorative Justice offers hope to both victim and offender but also addresses one of the biggest questions of our time - crime and punishment.

Why me? was set up in 2009 by a victim of crime who was assaulted and burgled in his own home by a career criminal. The two men next saw each other in HMP Pentonville in a Restorative Justice meeting. For the victim, he got his questions answered; for the offender, he has not committed another crime since that day.

This project is an important development we could do a lot more by revolutionising our communications and PR approach. And we believe we could learn a lot from people in business who are utilising social media and PR to maximise reach and sales. We want to do the same but in the not-for-profit sector. Case studies on our website tell the story, but can we make more of this and reach wider audiences with a greater impact?

Your team will be a challenging, supportive and creative force in helping us think through our communications. You would help us to devise ways in which we can most cost-effectively achieve our objectives, and help us particularly in developing our website and e-comms.