World first project to get trains powered directly by train side solar power. The project has gained significant support from Network Rail, Community Energy South, South West trains and could become a reality in 2019.

Climate change is the fight of our lives but we have the knowledge, skills and technologies to stop it. The science is clear, even 2°C of global warming would be highly dangerous to humanity’s future.

Our generation can be ones to stop climate change but not by incremental steps; the changes will be profound.

That’s where 10:10 comes in. There are very few NGOs dedicated exclusively to tackling climate change in the UK, and none that share our focus on inspiring the public. We work on cultural as well as technical levels, we get people talking about climate change action. We’re relentlessly upbeat. We want people to be excited about taking climate action. We never run a campaign about a problem unless we can present a solution. All our work cuts carbon.

Network Rail is the biggest consumer of electricity in the UK. Solar railways could provide power at lower cost and much lower carbon. They could also engage the public in climate action as last year 8 billion commuter journeys were by rail.

We’ve shown that it is possible and realistic for electrified railways to be powered by solar, inspired many and built momentum that could incredibly make this a reality in 2019.

To best push the project forward and benefit from profits we should set up a social enterprise trading subsidiary. This entity will be involved in multi-million pound portfolio financing of new renewable energy generation, including mixing community equity shares with crowdfunded debt and bank debt, as well as brokering power purchase agreements between rail operators and generators. It may also have a stake in developing technology solutions for connecting solar to railways, and the resulting IP and know how.

We have little commercial expertise within the charity and so this is why we seek your support.